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Contemporary, high quality prefab homes

Nordic-inspired design that emphasizes natural materials, minimalism and access to daylight. Each feature is carefully thought out to create a beautiful and functional design.


MyCabin homes are constructed off-site and transported to your property in a seamless process ready to move in.

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Home buying made easy

Our prefab modular homes are constructed in a factory setting in just a few months, providing an excellent alternative to the complexities of traditional home buying. They arrive at your location fully assembled, ready for you to move in and start enjoying your new space.

Sustainable and durable materials


Classic C 


Planed spruce,

color covering

Exterior finish


Wood fibre


Quality is our foundation - MyCabin homes are constructed with only the finest materials, promoting sustainability and a warm, inviting living space. 

Choose your combination

Introducing the new M50: A prefab home built exclusively for the European Market

M50 represents a contemporary, functional, and cost-effective living solution. It offers the perfect alternative to traditional apartment living. Thoughtfully designed in collaboration with architects from OnlyOnly Studio, this compact home maximizes every square meter, seamlessly combining functionality with aesthetics.

External dimensions

13 m x 4 m (52 m2)

Floor area

43.7 m2

MyCabin Classic Line

Please note that at this moment, our classic line of cabins is exclusively available in the United States and the Baltics. 

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