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my cabin tiny modular homes

Nordic-inspired design that emphasizes natural materials, minimalism and access to daylight. Each feature is carefully thought out to create a beautiful and functional design.


MYCABIN homes are constructed off-site and transported to your property in a seamless process ready to move in!

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MYCABIN provides a simple yet elevated Scandinavian design and while small, it is not cramped. Our width and ceiling height provides the feel of an actual home compared to your traditional tiny home or RV designated unit. ​


​All three units provide many options as a set or as individual spaces: a guest house, a pool house, an office space, a standalone sauna, or the ability to repurpose any of them for commercial uses. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to working with you on your vision.



Classic C 


Spruce, finely sawn, color covering, shade gray (anthracite)

Exterior finish


Spruce, planed, waxed (tone transparent white)

Interior fittings

Only high quality materials are used in the construction of MYCABIN homes. Sustainable materials provide a balanced and cozy environment where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

my cabin

Choose your combination

My Milla Long

The My Milla Long is the perfect all-season residential or holiday house for a couple or a small family. The layout of the house includes a kitchen with an island and living room area, a full bathroom with walk in shower and a stackable W/D, a ground floor bedroom and a loft area for storage and extra space.

External dimensions

10.44 x 3.59 m (37.48m2)

Floor area with loft

47.80 m2


My Milla 25

A compact and functional living space that has everything you need for a comfortable stay. My Milla 25 checks all the boxes with a kitchen, full bathroom, and comfortable sleeping and living areas full of light and ample space.


Perfect as a holiday home or an addition to your existing property.

External dimensions

6.89 x 3.59 m (24.4 m2)

Living space

20.9 m2

plus loft space

26.80 m2

My Kalmus

The accessory space that can do it all. Create your perfect office space, that extra living room, or an additional bedroom. The Kalmus can be customized to give you the flexibility you need in additional living area.

External dimensions

4.84 x 3.59 m (17.20 m2)

Living space

14 m2


My Galia

Achieve full relaxation with a wood-stove sauna alongside your other MYCABIN spaces or on its own. This is the perfect addition for your backyard, your vacation property, or as a tool for boosting rental revenue.

External dimensions

2.89 x 3.59 m (10.25 m2)

6 m2 of space

My Cabin set

All three units are designed to work together in harmony. The three-building set consists of the My Milla 25 or My Milla Long residential home, the My Kalmus additional space, and the My Galia sauna.

Floor space

from 40.9 m2

plus loft

from 48.9 m2

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